Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Dying Light: Heroes of the North

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

From the pumping station we decide to hit all the quests in the vicinity, starting with a trio of volatile hives: a tiny one in a cave, one under a graveyard (of course), and another train tunnel one. Interestingly there's a military train car here with a high tech case that we can't pry open and can't find the key card to.

Good to know that a triple crossbow to an unaware volatile takes it down so we get halfway through that tunnel hive before resorting to guns. We also find multiple missing/deceased persons, I test out being a passenger (which is fun), kill a bunch of rapists and DL pretty much solos the boss zombie "Thor" - a giant hammer wielder.

That's a strong rope.

We also raid the post office and mail vans then deliver letters to those still living at the farm. The highlight of this is the guy we deliver a power bill to. :D At this stage we are well trusted among the community and can probably progress the main quest, but there's more to do on the bottom half of the island.

Insight: Finding missing people is annoying as the marker can be a good distance away from the actual target, who is usually deceased. This often means interacting with a face down body to turn them over and to pickup their ID tag underneath them.

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