Saturday 13 April 2019

Dying Light: Treasure Hunt

[Part of the Dying Light diary - spoilers ahead!]

With Ezgi safely on her way (to the more dangerous area of Old Town - stupid girl), it's time to look for Jasir's sword that supposedly went into the hands of a weapons collector in town. It's not as simple as raiding his appartment though as the guy had put them in chests scattered around the place with vague clues leading to each of them.

It's a fun treasure hunt, where we not only find Jasir's sword but a bunch of six shooter pistols as well. Jim manages to deactivate the trip wires around one of the chests by swimming underneath them, but later has great difficulty climbing out of an ultra deep hole. Lucky for him he can teleport out when I reach a sleeping bag.

Not these two clowns again...

During the course of the treasure hunt we also come across the brothers Tolga and Fatin again, who somehow survived a light plane crash. Eager to get paid by their employer, Volkan Dal, who took the only parachute, they send us to find him. This ridiculously leads back to Jasir's farm, as Mr. Dal was killed by a local. For his shoes.

Insight: Interacting with any sleeping bag gives all the other coop players the option to teleport to you. This can help people out of being stuck!

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