Sunday 4 May 2014

Sacred: The Lost Swamp

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

Gloomoor had a rather active arena, and I wasn't going to pass up the free experience from going ten rounds of increasing difficulty against local critters in there. By doing so I became eligible to join some sort of adventure team for the small price of 100,000 gold pieces. I seriously had enough to spare so I thought, why not? After paying I was given the location of where to go and made my way through the swamp, past the resident swamp dragon (yes I killed it, too dangerous to have those things wandering around), and into a small but impressive encampment of adventurers led by the barbarian H'Run to seek out some great treasure in the "lost swamp" nearby.

Well he and his seven buddies didn't last very long against the highly poisonous foes in that region, leaving me to discover a small goblin settlement in the midst of the madness, whose shaman asked me to help with a sacrifice to the forest god to spare their village from the horrible spiders and trolls lurking around. He even provided a goblin warrior to assist but that guy didn't last long either, and frankly I was going through potions rather quickly myself.

Looking at her chest is less dangerous than looking at her face.
Turns out I was supposed to be the sacrifice, but that didn't work out so well for the forest god - an annoying medusa that could summon little medusas. After slaying her the goblins changed their tune, begging for their lives in exchange for the true location of the treasure. I figured that without their god they would be dead soon anyway so I let them live and found the "great treasure" to be more of a "meh" treasure. Good XP in there though, but I had to restock on supplies back at the now almost abandoned adventurer's camp on the way out.

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