Monday 19 May 2014

Sacred: Cursed Forest

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

With Vilya freed the ghost of Prince Valor showed up again, saying there were more portals to be closed. He then asked if Vilya should accompany me or he should keep her safe. Wait... if you can do that you damn ghost then what the hell did you need me for!? I tell him to keep the girl safe out of spite so that he can make himself useful, then using a portal which takes me back to the mine entrance run back through all the bugs to get to Purgatori.

There I was told that one of their members had been taken captive, and that he might know where this next gate is. Sure enough he had been caught by the Mohkva in the nearby forest maze. I freed him just fine, but we found ourselves trapped in the forest by the magic of the evil Nuk-Nuk (goblin zombie guys). The only option was to kill the Nuk-Nuk leader which proved to be a most challenging task since his ranged attacks were almost one hit KO's. It required a bit of arcade skills and a fair number of potions to get the hang of it.

Speaking of spooky forests, I think Aokigahara classifies as one.

Unfortunately the captive guy didn't do so well, but with his dying breath told me the next portal was in the woods nearby. I decided to go for it immediately, rushing past the many snake men along the forest path when I suddenly came upon - Vilya? Damnit Valor, you are a complete failure - even in death! Anyway, the Baroness brought her bow to help out a little and I must admit it did prove useful to defeat the next Subkari demon we encountered. We needed to duck into the shanty huts while doing so to avoid its AOE attacks but eventually downed the bastard. At this point I was out of healing potions.

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