Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sacred: Descent

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

Apparently killing a man makes him friendlier in this game, as Shaddar went on to explain what exactly was going on. Apparently some powerful wizard demon lord guy named Anducar was opening up these portals to begin his invasion of the realm, and for some reason Anducar also had Vilya hostage (as opposed to her being killed earlier). I don't think to question how Shaddar knows this, but he does ask that I clear the demon scum from his tower as that is the site of another gate.

How I'm feeling at this point.

One quick Subkari and Sakkara demon fight later (with the Sakkara fought in the same room I defeated Shaddar), Shaddar says that I will need the "Gem of Light" to defeat Anducar, and that item is with Hell's Blacksmith Neophystis just as the ghost of Prince Valor shows up again just to urge me to save Vilya once more. Really tempted to use an "undeath death" potion on that fool.

Anyway, after fully loading up on potions again I begin my descent from the mountain. My fricking LONG descent from the mountain, fighting through more shadow demons and the fast little ones and past cerebopod land into a dark cave which only has more of the same waiting for me. I can't really blitz through it so it is slow and methodical at this point, unlocking the four locks scattered around the place while trying to conserve as many potions as I can. Once that is done I descend even further and find what I suppose are the gates of hell, open and waiting for me to enter.

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