Monday 26 May 2014

Sacred: The Climb

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

Since it seemed the theme of this place was to just throw endless mobs at me across a long distance travel I decided to load up fully on potions this time. I previously was only carrying enough to fill up 30% of my pack - this time I decided to forgo the loot as I had over two million gold at this point anyway and fill it up 100% with potions before beginning my trek up the ash mountain.

As usual the great bugs were easy enough to avoid but once I started the climb in earnest there were these fast little demons that hit hard and could actually keep pace with me which meant I had again to go slow, especially when they had shadow demon buddies nearby. A new critter type - cerebopods, which look a lot like evil starfish with tentacles, made their appearance here and proved dangerous foes with their high physical resist. The BFG was rarely out of my hand on the climb up, and when it was I simply wasn't moving - letting it recharge.

A good distance up the runners and shadow demons gave way to bigger troll like demons and more cerebopods of various colours, but none had the paralysis ability and I could outrun them all so that made progress quite a bit easier until finally I reached my goal, a large grey tower with some useful merchants nearby for resupply. Right outside the door was a familiar face, the necromancer Shaddar!

Thanks for killing me that one time, I feel better now!

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