Saturday 24 May 2014

Sacred: Marathon

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

Much like the previous forest, this one also is shielded by magic to prevent anything from escaping so my first task is to break that spell. Fortunately only the dryad druids have the paralysis spell while the rest of the dryads are mostly bow users with the slightly less annoying ability of being able to phase jump away as soon as you get close. Since I was just running past that didn't really bug me too much, at least not until I got to the cave where the shield was coming from.

With shadow demons galore and ent like things that also could entangle me, it was another slow slog to reach the second floor. The only up side was that the dryads were fighting them too so I could actually pass a few groups by. Eventually I found the source of the shield, a big demon named Hoth-Yotsog who once again drained my potion supply to empty.

Phew, for a minunte I thought it was this guy!

Upon its defeat I was free to leave to destroy the next gate, which I could sense was in some distant ash mountain so I needed to get running, and boy what a long run it was. Out of the cave, out of the forest, along the cliff past more giant bugs. I must have missed my turn off at some point though because exhausted and bemused, I found myself back at the city of Purgatori.

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