Wednesday 21 May 2014

Sacred: Paradise, Comparatively

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

The only way to shut down the second gate was to step through it, and yet another Sakkara demon lay waiting on the sands of the other side. It seriously starts right beside you. Now this was one of the most intense fights I've had so far, not because the demon was overly powerful - but because I had to fight without potions! Sure Vilya helped out a bit but in the end I still felt very proud upon defeating the bastard after a long fight.

Unfortunately Vilya was disintegrated with a loud scream right after our victory by unseen forces. Prince Valor's ghost showed up to grieve a bit (it was your fault moron), but then told me there were more portals needing to be shut and that I should ask the pirates to the South for the location of the next one before vanishing off again and leaving me alone in the desert.

Fortunately there was a small oasis town nearby where I could restock and really relax since this environment was the most pleasing one I've been to for awhile. While there I also helped put down a troublesome undead mage, rescue a lost kid and concoct an antidote for her scorpion sting, all of which were very easy tasks comparatively. Eventually it was time to run the gauntlet of the desert valley down to the pirate docks, and the merchant who came along with me did not survive the snakes and wyverns of outrageous fortune. I'd hate to think how he would have fared against things with that paralysis skill then.

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