Tuesday 6 May 2014

NBI: Poetry Slam 2014

As with last year, Syl is running another Poetry Slam for the NBI this time with a theme of "magic". To that end I thought I'd devote my entry to someone most fantasy MMORPG players have run into at one point or another...

The Lich
The fighters may be strong
and the rogues very sly
but in all things magic,
the master is I!
I conjure light in the dark,
help arrows find their mark,
mend wounds without thread,
I can even raise the dead.
I fly where others fall,
can charm with a spell,
I can phase through a wall,
and summon demons from hell.
I can read your puny mind,
make bridges from thin air,
shoot lightning from my behind,
and ignite your underwear.
I can make your skin freeze,
open locks without keys,
make you explode and burn!
To ashes you shall return!
Physics? Science? What is that?
I open dimensional gates at will.
I can turn a king into a cat.
Impossibility is my skill.
I can almost live forever,
I don't need a body to survive.
But try to take my treasure
and I will slowly flay you alive.