Friday 23 May 2014

Sacred: Volcano Island

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

Upon arrival at the Volcano Island we were greeted by ex-captain Vernon and a whole slew of his undead crew. After dispatching them he begged for his undead life, asking me to find three pieces of a necklace to... I zoned out at that point. I don't fricking negotiate with the undead - much less undead that just tried to kill me. After smashing his face into dust I proceeded into the volcano itself where the rather pleasant undead were replaced by Mohkva and those irritating Shadow Demons.

That's what ye get for refusin ta parley!

Fortunately it was a small underground zone and as expected the pirates turned on me since the demon was actually based in their treasure chamber. After killing them all I proceeded in to face yet another Sakkara demon. I'm beginning to wonder why I needed to create that gem to beat the first one if they seem to be so common now. Anyway with it dead I hop into the warp gate it is guarding and land right beside the Subkari demon on the other side. Good thing I brought a lot of potions!

With the gate shut I found myself now trapped in a cave full of shadow demons and had to navigate my way out, slowly. The Mohkva's here have taken to riding the giant bugs from before so now they are twice as annoying. Great. Eventually I find stairs out and onto a high walkway above the forest which turns out to be the home of the dryads. Huzzah! Safety! Well no, of course the dryads are also hostile. *face palm*

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