Thursday 1 May 2014

NBI: The Gates are Open

One of the best things I like about the NBI is having all these new sites (new in the sense that I didn't know about them) emerge, and as such I have already linked to all those that have already signed up and added them to the Paths I Travel on the right. As I said in my support statement, getting linked was an awesome feeling for me so I thought it would be my first move this time around. If I missed your site because you signed up late or simply because I was blind just let me know!

Furthermore for the duration of the event (May) I have unlocked every single site I've linked to thus far where in the past I would hide them after a set period of inactivity. Never before have I actually removed sites from my reading list. Well, come June I will be doing my first link "burial". All sites that aren't updated at least monthly I classify as dead and will be purged from my listing (that's currently a rough count of 30).

This is a good and obvious first lesson for any blogger:

If you stop posting, your blog dies.

Lastly I apologize for those following the Sacred Journey. It will continue, but will be interrupted this month with NBI related stuff.

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