Thursday 22 May 2014

Sacred: Crabs and Bones

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

It seems the pirates were in need of help, because some bastard demon raised a whole bunch of undead on their island and it was up to me to go sort it out. A connecting cave that ran underneath the channel was my method of getting to their actual base, and both it and their seaside town was overrun by crabs and pirate skeletons. After clearing the docks they managed to land their ship and help out a little, with one pirate named Conrad wanting to help eliminate all the undead. I'm afraid he joined them in the end.

In typical pirate fashion though, another just wanted to throw a party - requiring me to fetch a keg of ale, a bunch of crab legs and his four best buddies. Well, I gave him the food and booze but I kept his four buddies with me first to try rescue the Pirate Helmsman who was trapped on the next island over. We rowed over in a little dinghy and were immediately set upon by an army of crabs, led by the most fearsome and difficult opponent I've faced yet: the Queen Crab.

Certainly made me feel like I was level one!

She needed to die if I was to free the Helmsman from her clutches but with incredibly fast and strong attacks coupled with that damned paralyzation spell it was an insanely difficult combat, one that required a lot of running, multiple rounds of BFG, all my potions, and cost the lives of those four pirate party go-ers. Dragon Knights they were not. Eventually she died and the Helmsman and myself returned to the pirate port, ready to sail to the Volcano Island where the demon was said to be based. As for the party pirate, he was so hammered when I got back to him he didn't really care that his buddies were crab food because it meant more booze for him!

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