Saturday 10 May 2014

Farcry 3: Hard Earned Riches

[Part of the Diary of a Marked One]

Finally it looked like we were near the Captain's base, but right from the outset it was going to be a challenging task reaching him as the foes were once again the very accurate mercenaries. Getting through their outposts to the entrance of a mine was pretty tough, but then having to hold the mine entrance while a noisy pump drained it of water (hmm dejavu dead island) proved quite the challenge until I decided to be the bait in the central building while my brothers camped far away with their sniper rifles.

Turns out the mercs are pretty slow when it comes to sharp turn reflexes as I managed to head shot many who ventured in the door while those that cautiously stayed outside were sniped down. Once drained the mines led us to a nearby ancient temple, again crawling with enemies in what was perhaps the hardest part of this mission as they wouldn't stop spawning until we reached the temple heart (through use of flanking drive and draw tactics) to collect an explosive there that we used to explode a beaver dam type thing blocking the river.

Pass the C4, it's the only way through!

Only there was then another beaver dam further down, and it was time for a competitive challenge to collect the random bombs laying around in the river to explode that too. Why we couldn't have just walked, or bypassed the temple since there were all these bombs laying around in the first place I don't know. Anyway, the river led us to the Captain's fort where the mercenaries put up a decent enough defense but in the scope of things was easier than what we had previously traversed.

After exploding the final door we found the Captain, dying of his wounds (from the same explosion) and all the stolen money which we quickly nabbed and began our escape to the docks. Ofcourse Seto was captured again, and after taking the dock yard we needed to hold our position for what seemed to be forever against waves of mercs and knife pirates (of whom I out knifed three!) before the sea gate finally opened. With that we hopped on the boat and escaped with our hard earned riches!

... Or did we? There are still two more missions in the listing after this one. O_O

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