Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Sacred: Temple of Hell

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

Past those gates were even more powerful green demon brutes along with everyone's favourite shadow demon paralyzers. There were still actually side quests in this region but I opted to neglect them this time around as there were no resupply vendors anywhere close by. Pushing through the demon army was slow going but eventually I found the blacksmith of hell with his mighty big hammer who would have given me the Gem of Light for the Eternal Flame. Too bad for him I don't bargain with demons.

He was pretty tough and proficient with that hammer though, and cost me at least half my stock of potions before he died. To gain the item needed to beat his boss seemed worth it though, so with the gem of light in my possession I began the final run to Anducar's temple where pretty much every sort of demon was waiting for me, including many pairs of Sakkara / Balor types.

Thankfully they weren't paired with the shadow demons so I could just elude them using combat jumps, including one that served as a shortcut to the floating temple itself. Those grounds were still patrolled by Mohkva and shadow demon scum again though but with perseverance I managed to reach the "throne" room of the temple (temples have throne rooms) where lady Vilya stood mute and unmoving. No sign of Anducar though.

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