Thursday, 15 May 2014

NBI 2014: Drawing Event!

Much like Syl's Poetry Slam this year's Newbie Blogger Initiative is calling all blogger artists (and those who don't think they are artists) to join in the silliness of the first ever (that I know of anyway) Drawing Event!

Here are the rules:
1 - Everyone has to draw their own avatar.
2 - (optional side quest) If you're really feeling creative, create a 2 panel comic strip.
3 - You have to wear the avatar you draw on the forum.
4 - Post a reply to this thread to show off your works!
5 - The Drawing Event closes on May 30th 2014 (end of this NBI).

While special XP prizes may or may not be given for participation (because Doone works in mysterious ways), I can at least guarantee that at the end all works will go up in a
gallery post on my blog that link back to your own (you can opt out though) - and hey, the more incoming links the better right?

One last note for those not feeling confident about their art skills: it doesn't matter what skill level you are or what tools you use. Just join in - the NBI is about community building after all!

I highly encourage everyone to participate and look forward to your contributions. ^_^

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