Monday 5 May 2014

Sacred: Dragon Knights

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

Deeper in the swamp (obviously not the "lost" part of it) I found the village of Drakenden, and like all the other towns it had quite a few people needing assistance with mostly fetch quests and one demon hunting task deep in the not so close forest. While looking for that one I even came across another small village whose townsfolk all turned into zombies once I was in the middle of town. Yikes!
Anyway, the unique thing in Drakenden was a friendly dragon who lived in the mountains beside the town. It too needed help with a few things - the first being he had fallen in love with a dragon slayer!

Lucky for him it was love at first sight with the human girl, too bad for her other hunting allies though as they didn't see it that way. I then also had to get a diamond from some caves and craft it into a toothpick for him and lastly he wanted to train more knights in the ways of honor so I was to recruit a bunch of them and take them to him.

I found four willing participants (willing after I beat them in battle) in Marmor, Mortley, Domir and Klonev in various spots around the swamp but instead of bringing them back I thought instead to test them even more and kept them with me since they proved quite resilient to death. What better way to prove their worth than helping save the world right? Also I thought they'd be more useful than whatever random reward the dragon was going to give me anyway.

So uh, where are we going boss?

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