Sunday, 13 February 2022

Encanto & Raya and the Last Dragon

Two CGI Disney movies with female protagonists.


Set in a magical place near Colombia, Mirabel is part of a family gifted with miraculous powers by a candle... except she doesn't get any. Soon enough the candles power begins to dwindle and it is up to the unlikely heroine to try save the day and make things worse. Lots of latin type songs in this one, so stay away if singing is not for you. Otherwise, it's a pretty nice movie and one I'd recommend.

Nice quality art and animation as to be expected.

Raya and the Last Dragon

Set on a huge continent that somehow looks like a dragon, Raya's misplaced trust sees a horrible evil let loose once more so she takes it upon herself to seek out the last dragon whose race perished stopping said evil the last time. No singing this time around as it instead uses cool martial arts action sequences and very funny, if improbable, characters. But hey, isn't Disney full of those? Also recommended!

Not sure which of these win for me, because I enjoyed them both! :)

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