Wednesday, 16 February 2022

1917 and The Outpost (2020)

War! What is it good for? Entertainment apparently!


A pair of soldiers are tasked with delivering an important letter to the front lines, but to get it there means going through enemy territory and more importantly - side quests!? That's what it feels like anyway when the heroes inexplicably decide to do some stupid things. Despite that, I quite enjoyed this movie - mainly for the cinematography which captures the horrors of war nicely and the magic of showing the whole thing in one take. Recommended!

They do a good job of making viewers glad they weren't there.

The Outpost (2020)

A film that shares its name with many other titles, this "based on a true story" movie focuses on PRT Kamdesh, a terribly situated US Army outpost hunting for terrorists, and the soldiers assigned to man it. While the first half is just a steady display of command stupidity for the most part which is both awkward and slow, the last bit focuses on "the big one", an attack by superior enemy numbers from their naturally superior position which is absolutely gripping viewing and makes it worth the watch. Also recommended!

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