Monday 7 February 2022

Point Break (1991 and 2015)

Original vs Remake!

Newbie FBI agent Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves in 1991 and Luke Bracey in 2015) is tasked with investigating a bunch of robberies by infiltrating the suspected group (surfers in 1991 and extreme athletes in 2015) to take them down but ends up making friends with them. Will he stick to his job and arrest them at the end? This question makes for some nice viewing and while the 1991 version lacks the super cool extreme sport videos in the 2015 remake, the 1991 original makes up for that with the heavier use of gun play.

A lot of things are copied.

Ultimately I believe the original still wins out here, since the remake is forced to shoehorn a really odd motive for the extreme athlete crew. Both are still worth a watch if you have nothing better to see, but I would think it would be easy to find better movies than either.

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