Sunday, 13 February 2022

Forgotten Waters: Beyond the Ocean's Edge

[A board game session from Forgotten Waters]

Old Captain Vance knew that the realm of magic lay just beyond the ocean's edge, he even had a map that said so. If only he could read it! With his crew consisting of lookout Purple Yam, gunner John, quartermaster (and thief) Yellow Belle, and assassin Nigga B, they spend some time in port preparing for the journey where Nigga B gets beaten up and thrown out of the local tavern while trying to recruit more crew.

Big hats are essential!

As soon as they set sail they run into a passenger ferry which (being pirates after all) they attack! Purple Yam convinces them to surrender but none of the others accept the terms and try combat the civilian vessel anyway - AND LOSE TERRIBLY (we don't know what we're doing)! It's only by luck they manage to escape from the ferry and back to the port they just left for repairs and resupply. They can't stay long though as they learn that the royal navy has sent pirate hunter, Captain Razor, to take them down.

Setting sail again and aptly dodging an island of ghouls Captain Vance sails West as fast as he is able (because going slow makes the crew mutiny, and we had to reload :P), only interrupted by a navy frigate to exchange cannon fire. Wrecking their enemies sails lets them through into the isle of cursed waters where the Captain's friend Esmerelda (who is possibly a witch) can decode the map - which points to some nearby caverns.

On the way there they fight a "bumble bee" delivery ship which goes much better this time, even though Yellow Belle loses a hand in the encounter. At the caverns, John and Yam locate a magical seeing stone which Esmerelda said would pierce the world of magic and so they return to the edge of the ocean only to find Captain Razor and his man-o-war waiting for them!

John steers the ship to ram it while Belle reloads guns that Yam fires. Nigga B protects Captain Vance from Captain Razor who was personally leading the boarding crew and while he does well for awhile he ultimately fails as the old captain is killed by Razor's own blade! At the same time the man-o-war is sunk so Captain Razor takes Yellow Belle hostage to make his escape. John and Yam let him go on a dinghy without making an attempt to save Belle, instead using the seeing stone to break the barrier into the realm of magic - unleashing all manner of beasts!

John is promptly killed by a dragon, and upon landing on the first island of the magical realm Purple Yam is run over by a speeding elephant. Captain Razor manages to return to navy waters and execute Yellow Belle, and Nigga B gets the hell away from the world of magic and retires from the pirating life to become a low level bouncer for a casino.

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