Monday, 14 February 2022


Giant fighting robots against giant-er fighting robots?

Because a piece of the moon fell down robotic machinery has started becoming sentient and that's no good so various competing and sometimes allied corporations make use of mercenaries to do the hard work in evil robot land. You play as one of the said mercenaries, a mute newbie, who gets to meet, fight along side, and fight against the pretty large cast of characters in the game.

Light sabers come in mecha sizes too!

While you can upgrade your mech and its weaponry, it will always be of the Japanese fighting mecha category which can fly around and carry obscenely huge guns, or even better, swords. Because naturally a huge sword would do more damage than a rocket launcher or lazer right? Also your mech is subject to stamina that depletes if you run or fly fast, which is a bit odd since I've not seen many tired robots before this.

The game play itself is quite fast, simple and fun though later enemies become HP sponges and hard to target. Also almost every single mission, despite the initial description, becomes kill x enemies. That coupled with a strange story puts this in the not recommended section for me.

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