Sunday, 20 February 2022

Jack Ryan, (Jack) Reacher and Blindspot

Special investigators always gets their terrorists!

Jack Ryan

In this action thriller Tom Clancy's most popular character (this time played by John Krasinki) starts out as a CIA desk jockey who gets roped into exciting field work against a variety of threats. Very cool characters and good stories, though some side plots seem to just go nowhere? Still recommended. As of this post there are two seasons, with more to come!


While traveling through a small town Ex-MP Jack Reacher (played by the towering Alan Ritchson) is arrested for a crime he didn't commit, and ends up in the middle of a conspiracy which he is happy to help take down... violently. Great story backed up with brutal action gets the thumbs up from me! Hope the second season is as solid as the first!


That must have taken hours in the make up department!

When the FBI take an amnesiac woman (Jaimie Alexander) into custody, they end up forming a special task force to "solve" all the crime related tattoos on her body which is both convenient and ridiculous. The five season show has a middling plot which includes silly episodes that are dreams and comedy ones as well as hilarious reasoning to some solves with "I know this hacker's code anywhere," being my favorite. Protip: Copy paste exists. Anyway, if you do watch it, the characters end up being why you'll stick around. Not as recommended as the two above but it's alright.

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