Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Forgotten Waters: The Witch's Heart

[A board game session from Forgotten Waters]

Unleashing the world of magic into the world of men has caused nothing but problems and Captain Okoro has set out to right these wrongs, assembling the equally magic hating crew of Calico Irma who is cursed to constantly argue, Steel who wants vengeance against an evil warlock, Wee Jojo an orphan who has visions of being a princess, and Woke Playa who... doesn't really care about magic, but just wants to be the next famous "Sea Serpent Pirate" like his mother. A magical storm made all the knives fly around in the galley and stab him in the eye though, so there's that!

Having heard tales that a witches heart could grant a wish, Captain Okoro sails to meet the Mer King who would know just how to go about getting one. After being bribed with treasures the Mer King gives the location of a magical three gemmed trident that could do the job, and even loans some mer folk crew to help dive for it. The trident's trench is guarded by a fierce megalodon who luckily proves to be an easy battle, and the mer folk retrieve said trident for the captain. The only problem now is that the three magical gems meant to be plugged in are not.

An "easy" battle? Yeah right.

Their duty complete, the mer folk leave as Captain Okoro docks at a nearby pirate paradise where Irma and Jojo have a spa while Woke reunites briefly with a gay lover. Luckily Steel remains on the job, and learns the gems are hidden at a nearby volcanic island and so that is where they sail to next. A dangerous magical maelstrom of whirlpools, waterspouts and sharknados threaten to sink them en route, but they manage to sail through it and survive unlike other lesser ships (we were also those lesser ships and had to reload the game here lol).

At the volcanic isle the crew find a friendly village and Woke nabs one of the magic gems. Since it might take too long to find the other two the crew opts to simply torch the town in a raid and collect the remaining gems and plug them into to Okoro's magic trident. Now ready to kill a witch, Okoro goes directly for one he knows about: Vance's friend Esmerelda, who this time is also on a ship of her own: a giant one that fires lazers and hypnotizes crew!

While Woke does his best to steer the ship to avoid lazers, Irma returns fire, Steel recovers hypnotized crew and Jojo finds a way to get past the ships defenses and hunts down Esmerelda herself! Captain Okoro faces her down and plunges the magic trident through her, collecting her still beating heart. Then instead of wishing for an end to magic he wishes... for his wife back!? Not that it matters - doing this summons a bolt of lightning that vaporizes Captain Okoro and cuts the witch's vessel in two.

The rest of the crew scatter and end up separating with Irma being marooned alone on an island, Steel thrown into the dungeons of the evil warlock he wanted vengeance on, and Woke Playa gets captured and executed by the royal navy for the crimes of his "Sea Serpent Pirate" mother. Only Wee Jojo gets a good ending: eventually giving up on her quest of finding her family and instead settling down to start a family of her own.

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