Tuesday 23 July 2019

Neverwinter Online: Undermountain

It's a big, deep hole.

You might be wondering why my review of Undermountain is so late since the next module is just around the corner, and the short answer is simply I haven't been playing it much (have you seen my back log list? lol). In fact it took Shintar to remind me about it!

It doesn't help that there were sweeping changes to characters which pretty much killed the enthusiasm of a lot of players. Why be unique when the only way to be efficient now is to be the same as everyone else? Sigh.

Well, that aside, the Undermountain campaign itself is really good. Players find themselves delving into the realms of Halaster Blackcloak using the Yawning Portal as a forward base. The feeling of going down, down, down is well done and some of the later zones are really beautiful. It does suck to run into a level 80 mimic though.

One of the coolest parts!

The mandatory repetitive section comes in the form of expeditions which involves 3 randomly generated maps, a bunch of easter egg hunting and a variable difficulty setting. Surprisingly, these are quite fun too though I must admit I've not been hammering them daily. So content wise at least, Undermountain gets a thumbs up from me!

Insight: If you can stand on top of a chest it is fine. If you seem to always be pushed off, it is a mimic!

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