Wednesday 10 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Boar Trap

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

"You sure bout this boss?" asked Dimitrios with more than a hint of terror in his voice as he and his companion continued to ride towards the swamp. "Don't worry Dimitrios, we'll get him this time!" proclaimed Niarchos loudly. Even his pet lion, following behind, knew this was false enthusiasm.

They all saw what happened to the rest of the hunt group at the Phokis docks, they were lucky to escape. "He won't have buildings to jump around and hide in out here!" Niarchos continued as the pair finally entered the marshland the Eagle Bearer was supposedly hiding in.

Niarchos scanned the field carefully when suddenly out of a distant bush emerged the largest boar he had ever seen. The Kalydonian Boar immediately charged, closing the distance in seconds and knocking Niarchos off his horse, trampling the steed to death and goring the lion in one fluid motion.

That's one big pig!

"Dimitrios!" Niarchos called but it was too late, his henchman had panicked and was already fleeing the scene. As the boar turned around for another charge, Niarchos drew his bow to face death head on.

Dimitrios looked back to see his boss obliterated by the massive boar, and was caught off guard when the Eagle Bearer suddenly appeared before him and threw a spear right into his face.

Insight: NPCs fight and kill each other. With careful planning you can get someone/something else to do the dirty work for you.


  1. Off-topic for this post, but I've just been wondering if you've been playing Neverwinter again since HoF? Just wondering since I'm trying to get back into it myself right now. :P

    1. I have actually, but not too much as I've been working on the other games on my back log lately. The Undermountain campaign itself is pretty neat and quite pretty. :)