Friday, 12 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Conquest

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

Blood, sweat, screams and death raging all around. That's what it felt to be in right in the middle of a battle field of clashing Spartans and Athenians. Darting through them all was Aphaia, her dual poisoned blades cutting through any hapless Athenian she could come across.

Battles between Sparta and Athens is common.

Nearby she saw her ally Lukos throwing small bombs like a mad man before suddenly being decapitated by a large axe, wielded by the Eagle Bearer. No big loss, no one liked Lukos anyway. With a sly grin she pulled out her bow and started firing poisoned tip arrows at her foe, but none found their mark as he dodge rolled closer to her. Just as she wanted.

With blinding speed she dropped her bow and drew her swords again, easily parrying the slow axe he was wielding and inflicting little cuts time and again. Weakened, the Eagle Bearer dropped the axe and switched to knives instead. He was defending better with these lighter blades but still couldn't land a hit in. Aphaia had this in the bag.

With a surge of energy the Eagle Bearer suddenly became a blur, moving so fast that even Aphaia couldn't keep up - suddenly finding herself with cuts she hadn't had before! Dazed and confused, she watched as the Eagle Bearer came into view again, casually picking up his great axe from the battlefield once more.

And then to her horror, he blurred out in a sprint heading directly towards her. Her arms were dismembered as she attempted to parry, and found the axe blade carving up between her legs in the very next second.

Insight: Slow Time is a very useful skill, especially against non-humanoids!

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