Saturday 13 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Terrain Advantage

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

In was a ludicrous spot to fight, yet that's where Tycharios found himself in combat against the Eagle Bearer - atop a lone standing marble pillar in ruins positioned on a mountain top. No doubt his opponent was trying to hit him off it with his dual poisoned daggers but as a mid-tier mercenary that trick would not work.

Somehow the Eagle Bearer still had the upper hand though, dodging within such a small space and letting his poison do its damage. Suddenly a cry came from below. "Get down!"

Tycharios instinctively leaped off in an Olympics worthy twisting back flip, just as an arrow laden with explosive powder detonated the top of the pillar - sending it and the Eagle Bearer crashing down to the ground.

"Switch!" yelled the archer, his equal ranked sister Airlea, as she threw her bow and quiver to him. Without missing a beat, he caught the gear and fired another explosive arrow at their target, sending him rolling off the mountain top.

Tycharios then fell to one knee in a coughing fit due the poison in his veins. "Stay here," commanded Airlea as she set her sword on fire and sprinted down the mountain. "I've got this."

Not willing to be dead weight, Tycharios hobbled over to the edge where he could see his sister now in the marsh below, fighting a sleuth of bears!  Despite being out numbered, her flaming blade killed them all but the fight had taken its toll and with a sudden blur of movement from the reeds the Eagle Bearer had back stabbed her.

Lucky for the bears, she wasn't mounted.
For some reason they are hopeless against horseback combatants.

Tycharios could do nothing as he watched Airlea try fight back in vain. Unlike the bears, the Eagle Bearer knew how to douse her flaming weapon in the swampy ground and soon killed the already half-dead woman.

In a rage Tycharios sent down a rain of explosive arrows but none could find their mark as the Eagle Bearer drew closer and closer up the hill. With panic setting in, he dropped the bow and climbed atop his sister's horse to escape but soon had something strike him from behind... an arrow. He would not feel the next one which went through the back of his head.

Insight: There are no points for honorable combat. Make the most of what you have around you!

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