Sunday 14 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Recruitment

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

"I don't believe this!" exclaimed the Chimera as she took another swing of wine and paced her small beach campsite under the watch of her lone towering body guard. "Not only do we have a crazed misthios hunting our other Kosmos members, but we happen to run into an actual, living and hungry cyclops here - on this island that's meant to have the mystical forge!"

"It must be here. That monster must be guarding something." muttered Odainathos as he removed and examined his damaged helmet. The rest of the expedition was not so lucky having fallen prey to the one eyed menace.

The Chimera, whose real name wasn't even known to him for security reasons, just scoffed and headed inside her tent. "I need to think!" she yelled back. He knew she actually meant she needed more drink, but it wasn't his place to question.

Deciding his helmet wasn't salvagable he tossed it aside and looked to the Chimera's tent, only to see her head rolling back out of it closely followed by the misthios he had heard so much about - the Eagle Bearer.

"Looks like you are having a rough day," said the misthios to the lone guardian.

"Not rough enough," replied Odainathos as he picked up his halberd and charged. The Eagle Bearer floored him with a punch in under ten seconds, but instead of meeting his end the misthios offered his hand instead.

"I like your spirit. Join my crew and help me destroy the Cult of Kosmos."

Odainathos accepted.

Insight: As long as the last damage you deal to an enemy to deplete his health bar is non-fatal, you can just knock down people. And recruit them to your crew! Took me awhile to learn about that.

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