Tuesday 9 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Eagle Bearer

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

"They call him the Eagle Bearer," said Hyrkanos in his slow and calculating tone. "Ever since he disembarked from the Adrestia he's been causing mayhem for our Athenian friends."

Beewolf shared a quick glance with Theokleia as the three sat in Hyrkanos' make shift camp - having taken residence in a high temple adjacent to the main city.  "Do you know where he is now?" she asked impatiently.

"Not far," he responded quietly as he stood up and looked out over the balcony, spotting a small pillar of smoke from what once was the Athenian leader's house.

Theokleia and Beewolf immediately drew their weapons to patrol the grounds. Grounds that were now surprisingly light of Hyrkanos' guards. A lone sandal beside a bush drew Theokleia's attention, finding blood on the leaves - and a dead guard hidden within.

"He's here!" she yelled as she turned back to her companion, only to see a bloody spear erupt from Beewolf's chest. Behind him was a grim, long haired man - the Eagle Bearer Hyrkanos had just been describing to them.

Enraged, Theokleia attacked - cursing and swearing the whole time and used words even more profane when she started taking injuries. Knowing she could not beat her opponent alone she quickly broke off and ran back to the balcony.

"Hyrkanos! He's..." her words trailed off when she spotted Hyrkanos lying on the ground, his entrails pulled out from his stomach. She barely could turn around before the Eagle bearer bull rushed her with such force, knocking her over the edge. Theokleia could do nothing but scream as she fell down the sheer cliff to her death.

Looks like a rough landing.

Insight: Gravity is the great equalizer. Well, not for the Eagle Bearer because somehow falls can never be fatal, but for everyone else - hitting them off a cliff is awesome.

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