Saturday 20 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Guerrilla of Greece

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

Unrelated: This is what happens when the wife learns the game has a unicorn skin.

Bleeding and singed, Matullos and his pet lion emerged from the rubble of the twin silos that had exploded on either side of him. Still in a daze, he couldn't avoid to the ruthless and relentless strikes from his attacker - the Eagle Bearer, simply tanking the damage until his adversary tired out. Finally seeing an opening, he managed to land a single punch that sent Alexios flying back, and a sliver away from death. Matullos on the other hand, still had 70% of his hit points, as to be expected from a rank Secret 3 mercenary.

He even shrugged off the razor sharp "death" arrows his opponent fired at him while he and his pet roared in anger. Hearing the call, his allied mercs arrived - forcing the Eagle Bearer to retreat into hiding. Matullos took the opportunity to let his minions hunt down the assassin while he mounted his horse and rode off to the next village to bandage his wounds.

It was mid afternoon when Alexios arrived, having killed all the others, but Matullos was already fully recovered. Knowing a fair fight would end badly for him, the Eagle Bearer opted for guerilla style sneak attacks but hiding in the farm fields was made difficult as Matullos' lion would sniff him out. Overconfident, Matullos sent his pet ahead only to see it get eviscerated by Alexios' overpowered strikes and he was too far to stop it.

Without his pet, Matullos became a slow moving pinata. Taking backstab after backstab, unable to counter in return until finally the Eagle Bearer's shoved his broken spear into his face.

Insight: Peek-a-boo tactics are fantastic (though boring) on enemies who will probably 1 hit kill you in combat. Careful of beasts though, as hiding in grass/bushes doesn't work on them and they give your position away. Hiding vertically (animals can't climb) works better for them.

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