Sunday 21 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Over Achiever

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

The list of accolades for the Eagle Bearer was long. A veteran of many battles and wars both on land and sea, verified leader of the usually female only Daughters of Artemis, and even an Olympic Champion for Sparta. None of those mattered to Keneon the Plains Walker who was now in Sparta city, along with numerous other mercenaries to protect the Spartan King that exiled the Eagle Bearer from those lands.

The Olympic quest line has some funny dialog options.

Besides the influx of mercenaries, the King was prudent enough to put all the soldiers in town on high alert too - knowing his life was in danger due to this decree and he was right. Keneon's keen eyes spotted the corpse of a soldier hidden in a nearby shrub, easily missed by someone less than rank Secret 4. The Eagle Bearer was close. Too close... right behind him!?

Though the backstab didn't do much damage, it did disarm Keneon's shield leaving him with just a sword. The Eagle Bearer then engaged him in a lengthy duel right in the street. Unfortunately for Keneon, his opponent was just too experienced now and could read all his moves flawlessly. And so, the Plains Walker died on that street. While he bled out, his last thoughts were of how he couldn't even land a single strike. The Spartan King would follow him to Hades shortly after.

Insight: Once you reach level 50 you unlock Mastery Levels which might seem more boring than the usual skills (they are just maths) but are far more useful. Only put 12/20 points in each one you want though as after that the gains are too small to be worthwhile. Whatever you choose, make sure to engrave your gear with synergistic components. For example, I focused on criticals: higher chance, higher damage. I was eventually one shotting any Secret rank 3 and below merc because the odds of me landing an insanely powered crit was so high.

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