Friday, 19 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Better than the Best

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

Monia never understood the need for The Battle of a Hundred Hands, a last man left standing event held on the Volcanic Isles, but it served to be the easiest place to track down her prey. The Cult of Kosmos had doubled the bounty on the Eagle Bearer after he recently sunk another of their fleets, but who do you send to hunt the best? Those who are better.

Past Tier One was a roster of four more "secret" ranks, and Monia being a Secret 2 traversed the battle field with ease finding Alexios right out in the open just as he finished another batch of competitors. It was only at the last second that he managed to dodge Monia's grenade, rolling right into her shoulder charge which knocked him on flat his back.

He recovered just in time to evade her blade finisher, and countered with the same moves he used to win against Exekias. It wasn't as effective on Monia as she was only slightly injured. Seeing this and running out of steam, he quickly fled with the Secret 2 merc easily keeping pace behind him. To her surprise, he ran straight into another large cluster of Hundred Hands contestants and began slaying them.

Monia joined the skirmish but suddenly found Alexios reinvigorated, parrying and dodging perfectly and worse - able to spam his Minotaur axe overpower attack. Even all her preparation couldn't withstand that so she began to back off but it was too late. She was in range. The axe came down on her... again... and again... and again... and again...

The axe is so strong is distorts reality!

Insight: Contrary to logic, you thrive in mass combat as long as most of your enemies are fodder as they feed you a lot of adrenaline per attack combo, parry and dodge to fuel your bigger attacks. For this same reason always kill wildlife in your way (this includes goats and deer), to keep your Eagle Bearer "excited". You will get penalized for harming domestic animals though. 

Using the overpower attack of the Minotaur axe makes the most use of this, though if you are hidden using rush assassination to "bounce" between a strong enemy and others (or 2 strong enemies) is a good way to deal tremendous damage.

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