Friday 26 July 2019

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Because everyone likes some orc on orc action.

Last time we saw the half-dead ranger Talion, he had just "killed" Sauron in a not so epic QTE and was on his way to Mount Doom to forge a new ring (because that's a good idea). In short: things don't go as planned and Talion has to sneak his way around Mordor once more, assassinating and recruiting orcs to fight the forces of Sauron and the Witch King.

The Nemesis system from the first game is back and really shines here, not just when you are hunting them or vice versa but also when you get to the siege parts of the game. You want to field your good orcs and not that scrub who runs away from flies, fire and caragors! Speaking of caragors, there are mounts to help you traverse the large maps and/or annihilate your enemies and Talion gets a lot of skill upgrades to keep the killing "fresh".

I love this part!

Most importantly the story is really good. I especially like fighting the Nazgul. Afterwards is a grindy epilogue for those who really like the sieges, which is quite optional. Even for just everything before that it is worth a play though, and I give it four an a half Gondorian relics out of five.

Insight: Unlock fatal counter ASAP to make fights less tedious.

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