Thursday, 4 July 2019

Escape from Colditz

Proving that castles were meant to keep people out, not in.

During World War II, Pat Ried was a POW in Colditz Castle and was one of the few to escape. It's based on his experiences that he designed this game and currently the only "historical" one in my collection. In it, one player runs the never ending supply of German prison guards while the rest (1-5) are escape officers of various nations who are trying to get their people out.

Normally this is a semi-coop where the escape officers are still trying to be the first to get two of their own pawns off the board but as my group is very much cooperative, it usually becomes everyone against the German player which is fantastic for us though it does up the difficulty for the guards somewhat. I know cause I've been both!

It's got a good looking map too.

Dice based movement and card drawing randomizes what your people can do per turn, and since everyone gets the same amount of rolls the odds of the guards catching -everyone- if they all escape at the same time is near impossible (unless you dice well and they don't). Indeed the only way for the Germans to win is for the time to run out. Closest I've gotten as the Germans is 9 turns remaining.

Also, for first timers the game is super daunting as they aren't sure what gear to go for or what route to attempt an escape. Hint: When unsure, always get rope. It is also a long game but the excitement certainly ramps up when the POWs start getting their escapes on.

Certainly a fun game once it gets going, and one I can recommend to those interested in this genre - as long as you have a friendly enough group to play it with (there are plenty of opportunities to be scum). I give it 3.5 lousy German cars out of 5.

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