Monday, 15 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Ambush at Kos

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

Lavrentios watched from a rooftop as Alexios made his way to the beach side square of Kos. He had spent some time and a good amount of drachmae organizing the welcome party for his "friend". A friend whose death would see him earn a king's bounty from the Cult of Kosmos. Apparently, Alexios has been busy hunting down and executing their members all across Greece.

Right on schedule, the three other mercenaries he hired moved out of their hiding spots. These were tier 4 warriors, and would be unlike any other Alexios had previously encountered. At the same time, marching feet signaled the arrival of the Spartan leader of Kos and all of his elite bodyguards, to seal the deal as it were.

Confident that his prey was now surrounded and doomed, Lavrentios appeared from the balcony - his long hair swaying in the sea breeze. "Sorry Alexios!" he yelled down with a shrug. "It's time to die!"

All the warriors attacked in unison: spears, maces, swords, and arrows targeting one man. Most missed or were parried but those that hit certainly knocked the wind out of the Eagle Bearer. With a burst of speed, Alexios suddenly cut through the Spartan line and ran into the narrow streets of the village.

So many mercs!

"After him!" cried Lavrentios, not realizing he was funneling the Spartans to their doom. A narrow alley negated their superior numbers and when the heavily armored mercenaries got there, all they found were corpses, including that of the leader of Kos.

Lavrentios then made his second mistake. He and the mercenaries split up to look for their prey. Using hit and run tactics, Alexios wore them all down, killing them until only Lavrentios was left.

Knees trembling and urine staining his tunic, Lavrentios didn't notice that Alexios was on the balcony above him. Without any ceremony, the Eagle bearer leaped down onto him and shoved his spear through Lavrentios' face.

Insight: Evasion is easy especially in places with lots of cover. While its best to be crouched hiding in a bush, remember that they also block line of sight, provided you are crouched behind them - even if you aren't in them yet.

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