Thursday, 18 July 2019

AC Odyssey: Tier One

[Part of the AC Odyssey journal]

"I see you stabbed Diona," said Exekias slowly approaching Alexios with his twin maces drawn. "I think many people have 'stabbed' Diona," retorted the Eagle Bearer as he retrieved his blade from the beautiful cultist's neck whose blood now seeped onto the stones of the Aphrodite overlook. "I'm ready for you this time Exekias!"

"I would hope so, Arena Champion," spoke Odainathos with his halberd drawn and flanking his ex-captain. "Don't look so surprised. Most cultists are cultists for life."

"Then it's time I end yours!"

With a sudden burst of speed Alexios brought the Minotaur axe down to bear on both his attackers with an overpower attack. It's unearthly might smashed through their defenses badly wounding Odainathos and half killing Exekias. They tried their best to retaliate, but missed as the Eagle Bearer just dodge rolled between them... and then swept the champions leg from under him.

Sweep the leg!

Just like that, both opponents were slain and Alexios took the mantle of Tier One.

Insight: It pays to change your skill allocations when the situation calls for it. The monetary cost is pretty low in the overall scheme of things.

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