Wednesday 17 November 2021

Red Notice In Time

A pair of movies in the middle of the deck.

Red Notice

The plot for this action comedy where no one knows how to shoot has an FBI agent (Dwayne Johnson), thief (Ryan Reynolds) and a femme fatale (Gal Gadot) race against/team up to collect all of Cleopatra's eggs (wtf) for a huge pay day. Most of the cool parts happen near the early part of the film and some of the action sequences later on should probably just have been cut out. Annoyingly, the story itself is only mediocre with just one particular high note that makes the ending somewhat anticlimactic. Two jumper cables out of five and no, I wouldn't watch this one again.

In Time

In an alternate world where people are genetically modified to remain 25 and get a clock for only one year to live which also doubles as this world's currency, Will (Justin Timberlake) is one of the many poor people who literally lives with only the hours of the day in reserve - requiring to earn more via a low paying job. A twist of fate gives him the opportunity to try fight the system using the tried and true method of crime.

Better than Red Notice.

While this film has an interesting premise and some decent acting, it is let down by the story itself wherein every single character has the flaw of lacking foresight. So many things could have been avoided if any of the characters just had some planning skills. Ah well. It's an OK movie, but it could have been a fantastic one. Two and a half time capsules out of five and yes, I'd watch it again.

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  1. I liked both of these well enough, but wouldn't re-watch either of them. Good for passing the time once, but that's about it.