Sunday, 14 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free XI

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

41 Hours Prologue: Long load is worth it for this first person shooter. Not only does it have good graphics and decent controls, it also features a friendly (and slightly OP) AI companion. It can autosave in bad spots though, but otherwise is definitely worth a look.

Data Jack: You are a hacker mercenary of the future employed by mega corps to sneak infiltrate, steal and sabotage competitors - but all your gadgets won't get around the poor interface and gameplay loop.

Evo\Wave: When an AI decides to put a virus into an AI only world, the reboot loads up a hero to stop him! Some pretty nifty ideas here but this 3D platformer is heavy on the jumping puzzles and instadeath fails so... not recommended.

Heart of Enya: A will-o-wisp helps some queer adventurers to fight "the frost", but are so hopeless they struggle against inanimate boxes during their first grid based combat. Easy fail for me.

Hunted: Low quality first person shooter where you set on an alien planet where you fight odd looking vacuum cleaners? Hilarious that there's a cross hair on the screen but your gun NEVER SHOOTS STRAIGHT. Instafail.

The Most Boring Game Ever: Succeeds in its title. It's a click counter.

Pocket Plants: A 3D explorer about putting plants to clear fog. Unfortunately it has bad controls in that the camera can only turn if you move so... that's already a fail for me.

Prison Simulator Prologue: Abuse your power (or not) in this prison guard simulator. Nice graphics are long to load but ultimately pretty boring as it's basically just "work".

Rokka: Cool but shallow first person shooter where you man a machine gun while enemy troops advance on your position.  

Trainslation: A first person puzzle game where you are a spirit trying to find your "exit" from a subway with working trains, but the only clue you have as to where that is is on a piece of paper you can't read. If you try this out, try get to the junction platforms where multiple lines intersect (color based). The stops on the platforms are more detailed.

So many lost ghosts.

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