Monday 25 October 2021

Tales of the Blight II: Morrigan

[Part of my Dragon Age: Inquisition play through. Spoilers ahead!]

'Tis strange how small the world is sometimes. Having convinced the Inquisitor that it would take the power of a god to match that of Corypheus, we have come to this ancient shrine to seek the aid of the elven god Mythal: the Great Protector. Who appears instead? She whom I have tried to hide from all these years. Mother. She is Mythal? She has deceived me even more than I thought.

Didn't you get killed, Mother?
Yes, but I got better.

With her guidance I learn her ability to shapeshift into a dragon and am more than a match for the winged beast serving the Elder One, just as the last of his Red Templars are no match against the combined army of the Inquisition and Orlais. It is said the Inquisitor grabbed his magic ball again and this time crushed it in his hand, killing the poor creature. Let that be a lesson to all would-be evil doers I suppose: don't let them grab your balls.

In the end a great victory against chaos was won, but left the world forever changed.

While Empress Celene remains on her golden throne, blood drips from her hands. All her court know it however none are in a position to move against her.

Meanwhile the Chantry shocks the world by naming First Enchanter Vivienne as successor to the Sunburst Throne. Given the name Divine Victoria, she is the first mage to hold the position and the surprise of many, she reinstates the Circle of Magi and creates a Templar Order firmly leashed to her hand.

She is not the only one to reach high office. The dwarf Varric becomes the new Viscount of Kirkwall and Dorian Pavus is instated as magister upon his return to the Tevinter Imperium. Meanwhile the Grey Warden known as Blackwall is discovered to be a fraud and a war criminal, executed by the Inquisitor himself for his crimes, while the elven apostate Solas simply vanished after the final battle. And what of the Inquisition itself? Its military might has grown, now rivaling that of kingdoms. Fear of the Inquisition's army has become the true source of its power.

I leave Skyhold now, knowing that power will continue to grow.

Insight: If you do all the content prior to this fight, Corypheus won't really be much of a challenge.

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