Monday, 22 November 2021

DARQ Stubbs Among the Sleep

A horror trio? Well one's more like a comedy.


This puzzle game sees you traverse the realm of nightmares where you must sneak past horrors. They aren't the problem though - its the puzzles that involve requiring walking on walls and ceilings. Excellent art, easy controls and puzzles that aren't too hard (or too easy) made this game very enjoyable for me. Recommended, I give it three and a half wheelchairs out of five.

Some really strange stuff in here.

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse

This action comedy sees you take control of the titular Stubbs in unleashing a zombie apocalypse upon an unsuspecting "futuristic" town full of idiots, most of whom are men. Police men. The dialogue and the powers you have are pretty funny - and I particularly loved the dance-off boss fight - but alas the majority of the game play is super repetitive in areas far too big with nothing interesting to do in them. Some even make you back track. Lol. Not recommended, I give it one and a half brains out of five.

Among the Sleep

In this first person horror game you are a two year old child that basically needs to find his mom while avoiding the many nasties lurking about. A talking teddy bear keeps you company throughout this, and somehow he's somewhat scary too! Very different from your usual horrors, and the puzzles are nice an easy. Thumbs up, I give it three bottles out of five.

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