Monday, 15 November 2021

Supergirl (TV Series)

Because girls are better.

A story of a space alien who, during childhood, fled the destruction of their home planet and crash lands on Earth to luckily be adopted and raised by a caring family. On this planet they have amazing super powers thanks to the yellow sun and so take on a dual life as a superhero and a mild mannered spectacled reporter... just like her cousin! Melissa Benoist plays the titular role in this six season series which really goes out of its way to be inclusive and LGBTQ+ friendly to the point of its own detriment, not helped by plots that have the usual problem of "Supergirl can actually solve this in 10 minutes, we need to pad it out".

Supergirl doesn't wear glasses, that can't be her.

It also falls into the hole of not really being about Supergirl later on, but about her Superfriends, because team building is a thing. Also this lets them make Supergirl continue to make bad judgement calls all the way to the end because they couldn't think of any other flaw to give the lead character. I did quite enjoy any episode with them singing though. Better in the earlier seasons than the later ones, and recommended only for fans of anything I mentioned above. And with that, another Arrowverse show bites the dust.


  1. I enjoyed the 1st season, but lost interest about halfway through the 2nd. I tried to keep watching it with my wife, but I didn't make it through the end of that... and then my wife didn't bother to watch S3 or later either. It just got silly.

    1. And it gets sillier towards the end, all the way up to "surprise! You can do magic now!" levels of silly.