Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free VII

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Alpaca Stacka: A short and light exploration children's game where you must find and return five chicks to mother hen. Cute but made my PC crash when trying to exit.

Cloud Climber: A very short first person story with super minor puzzles. Pretty cool and worth a look for the short play time.

Those don't look too stable.

Covid Chaos: Silly top down shooter where you must destroy all the randomly floating covids before they bump all the wandering humans. Hitting a big covid makes three little covids which are faster burst out. Bleh.

Lab Rags: First person platform puzzler where you are a disposable crash test dummy trying to get through a death maze. Emphasis on disposable as you need to die a lot to advance - usually you need your previous corpses to either walk on, throw at buttons or block gunfire etc. Bleh.

A Long Time: Award winning first person platformer featuring clocks, elongating platforms and an intentional irritating hall of mirrors effect. Bleh.

Octarina: A cute 3D adventure where you play a pink octopus trying to escape a sushi factory. Controls and camera are shit though, and often you can get stuck in geometry.

Perfect Vermin: Very strange and short first person game where you must hunt mimics in an office building using a sledgehammer under a time limit. I liked it, but there's a big WTF factor going on.

Triple Builder: Not the usual city builder. Instead this is a match three in a nine by nine grid where you are trying to put buildings of the same levels together. Do so to get points and to clear them out, though the last one you place will remain and gain one level. Interesting mind exercise.

Worn Thin: Stupid falling game where you are a pill falling down an esophagus? Lol.

Zombie Gunship Survival: In this zombie apocalypse fuel and ammo are so abundant, you spend all the action segments flying around in a gunship to cover allied forces looting and blowing up buildings? Game play gets old really quick.

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