Thursday 28 October 2021

Strange Brigade

Making dead things more dead. Again.

When an Egyptian ancient evil arises who better to send than those chaps who saved the world against Zombie Hitler? Oh wait, they're still busy in Germany - instead we get "The Strange Brigade"! A group of unlikely individuals flying about in a dirigible who parachute right into danger, complete with a hilarious narrator as they advance through each level.

Expect to encounter some strange stuff!

Made by Rebellion, the same crew that made Sniper Elite/Zombie Army, each level is beautifully crafted and has interesting puzzles (most of which are optional for bonus loot) and quite engaging in that almost each "big fight" introduces a new type of enemy - something this game has no shortage of! Very fun especially for co-op (which can be up to four people). Highly recommended. I give it four mummies out of five. DL even uploaded an action demo if you wanted to watch us fumble through mission one.

Insight: The lure grenade is worth the money. Also, roll AT charging minotaurs (the non-weapon kind).

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