Thursday, 11 November 2021

Steam Discovery Queue - Crusade of the Free IX

Continuing freebies from last time... the one in bold is the best of this set.

Distancing: Silly little game that teaches social distancing due to a virus, while having a main character who doesn't wear a mask and decides to attend a party. The true win condition (which doesn't exist in game) should be to stay home like a champion.

Ghost College: Chinese side scroller with decent art and terrible English translation. That would be ok if the game didn't simply involve running around in the dark looking for key items while avoiding a giant slime baby.

Just a game to test your IQ: A horror twist for an IQ test. Silly, but well rendered.

Larry the Unlucky Part 1 and Part 2: Hand drawn "stuck in a room" puzzles that have very obscure solutions. Thank goodness there's a handy "Hints" button because there's no way I can guess scissors will come out of someone's head or throwing dice at a painting will change it.

Sillyfun Valley: Point and click adventure in a cartoony world with an obvious slant towards humor. Terrible animation though.

Soul Dossier: Requires additional login but I can't tell what. Not in English.

Space Survival: Space sim with bad graphics and even worse controls. Garbage.

S.U.M. Slay Uncool Monsters: A pixel adventurer math game where you must find the two digits to correctly get the total each monster is looking for. A good math challenge as even the easy ones like x + y = 12 might have you seeking two 6s's or a 2 and a 10, but those aren't always available.

I wonder if he's related to that vampire on Sesame Street...

Treasure of Barracuda: A lego based puzzle game which I didn't get into at all. Lack of instruction only makes for frustration if you want to progress. Garbage.

Zombie Hunter: Pretty fun sniping game where you must protect civilians from zombies. Very cash shop heavy though, not just in terms of boosts and new maps either - you run out of "power" by playing and either need to rest or pay up. Bleh.

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