Monday 4 October 2021

Squid Game (Korean TV Series)

Might make you want to try Squid Game. :P

Drowning in debts and desperate for money, Gi-hun decides to join a mysterious game that involves hundreds of others who are in the same financial situation. To win a massive cash prize, all they have to do is pass six games. The only catch is being eliminated means you die.

There is a lot of elimination.

Backed by a high budget, good acting and a really great script this has easily become one of my favourite series. Obviously this also means there's a fair bit of violence, gore and a high body count but it makes for some excellent viewing. Highly, highly recommended and I would definitely watch all this (currently) one season show again. Four squid games out of five.


  1. I've got it in my list to watch but haven't gotten to it yet. My 11-yr old daughter learned of it in Roblox, of all places, and watched the 1st episode, but said it was more violent than she liked. Which, considering she plays games that include "carnage" in their titles (dino-themed) and loves the Wings of Fire books which have lots of fighting dragons, well.... it must be pretty gory.

    1. Roblox is an interesting place to learn of TV Shows. :P Yes it is a bit gory, and good on your daughter for knowing when something isn't for her. :)