Tuesday 19 October 2021

Tales of the Blight II: Solas

[Part of my Dragon Age: Inquisition play through. Spoilers ahead!]

As wise as he is bald.

These forests have changed much since I was last here.

The Emerald Knights. They once patrolled the borders of the Dales, protecting the Elven people. The Dalish saw them as romantic heroes. The Chantry called them ruthless butchers. I suspect both sides have some element of truth. My people built a life here... it must have been something to see.

Now these woods and ruins hide deserters from civil war in Orlais, ones aligned with the Red Templars. Some are thoughtful soldiers doing what they believe is right. The rest? Younger sons, petty criminals, thugs, bullies, orphans. Either they are accustomed to a life without choices, to following even the worst orders... or they have learned to enjoy causing pain, to leap at any chance to swing a sword harder.

We have all seen terrible things. We have watched death and destruction render that which we love unrecognizable. I wonder if there is a single place in the Dales that does not know a human footstep. They must be driven away.

Insight: Since my graphics card hates displaying high quality fire, I made all my mages study a combination of ice and lightning.

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