Monday 18 October 2021

Tales of the Blight II: Vivienne

[Part of my Dragon Age: Inquisition play through. Spoilers ahead!]

This weather is not ideal for travel in the mountains, my dear. I should have brought my fur coat.

Dresses with chest windows don't keep you warm? I wonder why...

Leliana's reports were correct. The Red Templars at Emprise du Lion did have a charming red lyrium mining operation here, the poor dears. These renegades who sully the name of the templars were easily ousted through the responsibly supervised use of our more magically inclined conscripts. I just wish we had more proper chevaliers in the Inquisition and fewer... lowlife thugs to pursue them to the forests.

I do hope you've given some thought about Cole, my dear. Whether he is a spirit or a demon is irrelevant. Neither can be trusted. The harmless-looking ones are always the most dangerous. All it can do is harm. Remember that.

You know, darling, this place gives me an idea for redoing the small winter breakfast room in Chateau Ghislain. I shall be happy to return to civilization again.

Insight: There are three dragons at the end of Emprise du Lion who you fight individually in coliseums. The one in the middle uses the most tricks, having adds, bombing runs, and armor. If you take stairs up, prepare for ice dragons. If you take stairs down you'll find a sleeping fire dragon.

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