Sunday 10 October 2021

Tales of the Blight II: Blood Politics

[Part of my Dragon Age 2 play through. Spoilers ahead!]

With the viscount dead, there is continued squabbling among the leadership of the anti-magic templars and safe-magic Circle of who to take charge. Only the leader of the religious chantry provides the balance to prevent a war between these two, and while Hawke is away slaying a high dragon who destroyed the mines and helping Merrill rebuild a demonic mirror which EVERYONE says is bad a idea, paranoid Anders goes the terrorist route and blows up the entire chantry proving once and for all that ALL MAGES ARE BAD AND MUST DIE.

It was me! I was the bad guy the whole time!

This notion is built upon even more when Merrill kills her entire ex-clan when they confront her about her own illegal magic. As usual it is up to THE CHAMPION OF KIRKWALL to sort this mess out, by killing Merrill and executing Anders. Luckily, the templars share Hawke's views and assist him and his remaining allies Aveline and Varric (whom they first have to rescue from said mages) in storming their local headquarters to massacre them all. As they say, the only good mage is a dead mage!

Once the dust settles it is revealed the leader of the templars is also a bit crazy thanks to her sword being infused with the cursed idol she had bought from Varric's brother years ago. Knowing Hawke would be the next one to challenge her authority someday, she orders him executed immediately but is easily slain by her quarry.

Fearing for their lives, the remaining soldiers and citizens kneel down to worship their new, rightful leader: Hawke, who orders Aveline and her guards to do horrible things to anyone breaks any of his laws and sends Varric to start hunting down and executing mages in the surrounding areas. Not bad for someone who arrived as a penniless refugee.

Insight: The two hardest fights of the game for me were the initial assault on the circle mages HQ as they had barricaded themselves well and the high dragon, who cheats a lot / is a very smart dragon. As a rogue, stealth and lots of stam and HP pots were the key to winning.

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