Friday 29 October 2021


Out of air. Out of time.

The movie doesn't do this epic poster any justice.

In the future, Earth has lost all of its trees and the remaining humans rely on artificial oxygen which has some adverse effects on a number of folks. Ethan Whyte is given the chance to fix this when an important organization asks him to travel to the (even more) future - which asked for him by name! In hopes they found a solution to oxygen problem he reluctantly goes for a very tripy adventure.

There are lots of good ideas in this Australian made film, and while the budget holds it back a little the main problem is the script which features segments of sheer stupidity and redundancy. Again more than a few bits could have been cut off to make this a tighter and better production, but as it stands I don't really recommend it nor would I watch it again. Needs to be remade with better execution. I give it two oxygen-ATMs out of five.

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