Saturday 9 October 2021

Free Guy and Escape Room (1 & 2)

All about trapped protagonists.

Free Guy

Guy (Ryan Reynolds) is mostly content at his bank job in Free City, until he learns that its not all as it seems. For a predictable plot this is actually very good, with excellent special effects and many funny moments that will appeal to everyone, especially online gamers. Good script + good acting = highly recommended, I give it four out of five and would easily watch this one again.

Escape Room

Six strangers all take the bait to participate in an escape room scenario to change their lives. What they don't know is this particular one is tailored for them, using a seemingly implausible unlimited budget, and features many death traps. While the rooms themselves border on unbelievable, this makes for great entertainment to see which of the six - if any - will survive the ordeal, which is definitely a genre in my wheelhouse! It's not perfect by any means but definitely worth a watch once (be warned, one room has flashing lights the entire time), I give it three lighters out of five.

There's no getting out.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

A direct sequel to Escape Room sees more hapless fools drawn into even crazier puzzles, but this time we get to see more of the people behind the dastardly design. Highly recommended if you enjoyed the first movie as it is very much more of the same just with even more nonsensical solutions (or explained away too quickly for me) in some cases. Another three sea shells out of five.

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